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He was floored that customers were paying for sub-par experiences and the site was actually getting away with it! Having been a serial entrepreneur with a background in computer engineering being a nerd helped as well , Rahul set out to build his own site and develop a model around customer experience with a focus on dating and meeting people.

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And knowing it takes an experienced team to build a successful company, he was joined by our three other founders, Paras Dharamshi, Anita Dharamshi and I, who all have strong business and marketing backgrounds in the Indian space. Why did your team think Indian communities needed their own online dating site?

At the time [], the Indian online dating market was more or less non-existent. The market was mostly focused around matrimonial sites that catered towards connecting "brides" and "grooms" from India and North America. For those of us that were second generation or higher , these types of sites did not fit with our Western values. There was no professional and user-friendly site that catered to Indians who wanted to date and meet other Indians in a casual online setting.

It all started with the name TwoMangoes because two mangoes are better than one! It is mostly forbidden or not talked about. Marriage can be a very touchy topic amongst Indian singles and their parents. There is a lot of pressure involved due to conflicting viewpoints. Because of all this negativity and seriousness, we wanted to poke fun at all of the cultural ploys in order to breakdown some of tension that dating and marriage can cause.

What have been the biggest challenges in getting TwoMangoes off the ground? The greatest challenge was finding young, single Indian professionals. Unlike other mainstream sites, it didn't make sense for us to advertise in the mass market as they do i. TV, Radio, Newspapers, etc. It also didn't make sense to market ourselves in many of the mediums that specifically target the Indian demographic, since these tend to cater to an older clientele. Combine this with a limited marketing budget, and it was a challenge to find "places" to market ourselves where we could target these individuals in large enough numbers, in a cost-effective way.

Fortunately, our conversion rates are extremely high, so once people do find out about TwoMangoes, there's a high chance they'll become a member of the site. At this point we're not actively looking for funding. Our focus so far has been to build the most amazing product that meets the needs of our target market and build our user base.


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We have received interest from investors in the VC community already, which we feel is a very good sign for when we decide to go out and actively raise funding. Being able to talk to individuals who have already "been there, done that" can help you quite a bit. It will guide your strategy and advise you in decision-making.

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You can meet key contacts in the industry and it also provides some legitimacy to your startup. However, it is important to be picky about who you take advice from. The individual s should have worked in your industry, understand the market and be knowledgeable about your company. Ultimately, advisors will give opinions based on experience, but you should always trust your gut feeling and do what is best for your company.

Since we began the site, "world domination" has been our goal. We see ourselves as being the leader in the online dating space for Indians. In the short time we've been around, we've already established ourselves as one of the top names in online dating for Indians if you do a Google search for 'South Asian dating', our name appears at the top of the list!

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We have and are actively looking at other markets and regions where we can launch the site, as single Indians are everywhere! Toronto is a great place to start a business because of its supportive and welcoming startup community. Also, we found that, compared to other cities, the people of Toronto are very open-minded, willing to try new things and even encouraging. Furthermore, the Indian population is one of the largest in North America, and quickly becoming the single largest ethnic community in Toronto only second to Chinese.

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We had immediate access to an enthusiastic target market! Additionally, it helped that some of us are from Toronto so we understand the community a lot more. The traffic has mostly been through word of mouth and apparently the word is giving the speedometer a challenge.

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TwoMangoes has secured an angel round of funding from Andy Jasuja, the co-founder of Sigma Systems, to launch and iterate the product. The funding raised to date has been primarily used towards development, social media, and marketing activities. Further, we have weekly videos to engage the online audience looking for content on dating, such as what to wear on a first date, and a strong offline presence at various events throughout the world. As they say, stay tuned as the best is yet to come!

The matrimonial and online dating space is currently going through a complete makeover.